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Fourier Transform Unraveled

Jean Baptiste Fourier once had a radical idea. He attempted to explain mathematically that the overshoots and undershoots in an oscillating square wave were the result of missing sine/cosine frequencies. However, it was rejected during his time by another renowned mathematician who argued that it was impossible to create a perfect waveform from such sinusoids(which is definitely true, since an infinite number of sinusoids would have to satisfy such), and thus, his theory that every wave can be decomposed into numerous sine/cosine components has been stored on the shelf for decades until its importance was fully recognized and accepted.

It is hard to imagine how any wave can be interpreted as a sum of many sine and cosine waves at different frequencies. In fact, many other modern studies define any waveform as a sum of any other different waveforms at different frequencies, may it be an exponential waveform or whatever. This concept could perhaps be better understood if we imagine the …

Understanding Carcinogenic Communications Devices

People are usually afraid to place cellphone gadgets close to them because of the risk that it would
“mutate their cells into unstoppable reproduction” and thus end up getting cancer. Well, there is
some truth behind this, but the claim is valid only if it meets special conditions and probability is
accounted for. No matter what we do, as long as we are breathing, we are exposed to the risk of
cancer. We are always exposed to radiation caused by nature and there is nothing we can do about
it, unless you want to spend the rest of your life covered in lead coating. But it alsodoesn't mean we
should all turn carefree and ignore every risk that can lead to cancer. The thing is, we are living in a
world governed by entropy (putting religion aside for the moment). Everything that occurs is
probabilistic, existence is a game of chance. We may be powerless against this unforeseen trick of
reality, but we can make the odds turn in our favor in as much as the probability of the other event


When we look at the Iphones and Ipads around us, we sometimes wonder how we got to this point of evolution of technology. How did we go from humble folk contented with engaging in personal conversation with local neighbors to a global community equipped with the means to be internationally aware of everything around them? The story dates back to 1830, when Joseph Henry first successfully propagated an electric signal. Well, the signal was in its most basic form yet, and was no where close to the information content signals are carrying today. What Joseph Henry first established was a means of creating an electrical disturbance from a significant distance. Not until Samuel Finley Breese Morse invented the telegraph 7 years later did these signals come to mean anything to anyone. Yes, Samuel Morse, by relating a series of disturbances (dits and dahs) to the alphabet, a coding scheme popularly known as the Morse code, managed to make the disturbances understandable to the human mind. If…