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Some Common Acronyms and Terminologies in Engineering Technology

When I was a student, I have been reading various literature on electronics and communications design trends, in the hope of becoming more articulate in my profession and to quench some curiosities. I tried reading some magazines such as "Electronics Design". Darn, it was hard to comprehend! I would just skim through the pages and try to understand the concepts (except for Bob Pease's section - ED readers will know). About 20 minutes later I would have a magazine of New Scientist/Time/Reader's Digest/National Geographic on my hands. Of course, all that changed as I begun to take up higher level courses. Suddenly, all those SNR and clocking considerations made sense. Now, as a graduate with a complete arsenal, I rarely have to read an article that has me jumping to Wikipedia every now and then. Rarely, because some acronyms and terms that have only gained popularity in the industry recently are not part of a fresh graduate's repertoire. So here, I share some …