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Some Important Pointers on Antenna Theory

To create radiation, there must be an acceleration/deceleration of charge (i.e. changing current or AC current/voltage). This also implies that DC won't work on straight conductors as radiators unless the conductor is bent or has discontinuities (presence of centripetal acceleration in charge)If pulses of shorter and more compact duration are fed into a radiating element, stronger radiation with more frequency components will occur (I don't know by what magnitude radiation is amplified but it could serve as a possible driver of Microwave-generated hurricanes, though I doubt that the amplification factor could reach that high).Radiated fields do not need the continuous presence of electric charge to sustain their existence.An omnidirectional radiator is non-directional in one dimension while it is directional in other dimensions. An isotropic radiator is non-directional.The regions of antenna radiation can be divided into 3 parts:
-Reactive Near Field Region

Exists at R<0.6…