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An Appreciation for the Beauty and Importance of Our Environment

The Earth is approximately 12800 km. wide.

     How wide exactly is 12800 kilometers? Well, if we take a golf ball and compare it to the size of the Earth, it would be like comparing a molecule to the size of the golf ball. Yes, the Earth is big. Big enough to fit billions of people in it as well as a diversity of other beautiful species. And if we think deeply on the matter, there is a bias where we tend to associate gigantic figures with characteristics of invulnerability or immortality. Take for example the Titanic, which was the biggest ship of its time. It was so big people thought it was unsinkable. Yet just a few days after its maiden voyage, it tragically sank to the depths of the Atlantic, taking hundreds of innocent lives aboard it. Is it possible that majority of mankind is having the same bias right now of the planet we are living in? The Earth, spanning 12800 km. in diameter, is virtually indestructible.

     I have read a lot of literature on the environment from global …