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An Appreciation for the Beauty and Importance of Our Environment

The Earth is approximately 12800 km. wide.

     How wide exactly is 12800 kilometers? Well, if we take a golf ball and compare it to the size of the Earth, it would be like comparing a molecule to the size of the golf ball. Yes, the Earth is big. Big enough to fit billions of people in it as well as a diversity of other beautiful species. And if we think deeply on the matter, there is a bias where we tend to associate gigantic figures with characteristics of invulnerability or immortality. Take for example the Titanic, which was the biggest ship of its time. It was so big people thought it was unsinkable. Yet just a few days after its maiden voyage, it tragically sank to the depths of the Atlantic, taking hundreds of innocent lives aboard it. Is it possible that majority of mankind is having the same bias right now of the planet we are living in? The Earth, spanning 12800 km. in diameter, is virtually indestructible.

     I have read a lot of literature on the environment from global warming to climate change, from deforestation to endangered species, from pollution to deaths. There are always two sides to every coin. As quoted “It isn’t what we don’t know that is the problem. It is what we do know that just ain’t so.” (Mark Twain). It could lead anyone to confusion, not to mention the fact that providing scientific evidence is extremely hard. Different authors, different voices, are claiming all sorts of things that, in the end, one can only rely on his sound sense of judgment. So this article of mine won’t be yelling the warnings and claims of environmentalists or vice versa. These things have politics and social stigmas attached to them, which make them very hard to deal with. Instead, I want to emphasize the most basic fact that we have to care for the environment in our own little way whether there is a climate crisis or not, whether global warming is true or not, because the Earth is vulnerable either way.

(Situ Gunung Park, Indonesia)

Nature is beautiful.

     The statement above, I believe, is irrefutable. Hues of red dancing over a reposeful sunset. Flowers singing hymns of tranquility. Still waters with images no HDTV can match. Everyday life can be taxing to the psyche that sometimes one would find peace by simply enjoying what he sees around him. Nature’s grandeur can soothe even the most distraught minds and the most troubled hearts. It is the source of art’s inspirations. Such things are true treasures of the soul, treasures you would also want future generations to enjoy.

     The environment isn’t just a masterpiece to marvel at, it has many uses to society. Man’s basic necessities such as food, air and water are provided. Drinking water from freshwater springs and desalination stations. Food from animals sustained by the ecosystem. Our homes are lighted and our rooms are kept cool by the energy man derives from it. Above all else, the environment is man’s home.

     The environment is something beautiful that can’t easily be neglected due to its importance. There are ways it can be preserved and protected through our own little ways. Conserving water and electricity as much as possible. Turning off/unplugging appliances when not in use. Commuting or walking instead of using a car (if applicable). Participating in Earth Hour even if it isn't really Earth Hour or something. Volunteering for environmental causes (perhaps for mass mobilization only). Even if your little action is just a tiny drop in a vast ocean, what is an ocean but a multitude of drops? It is my greatest hope that one day, these little ways can come together and become strong enough to overpower political and social stigmas. It is a win-win situation whether environmental conspiracies are true or not.


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