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Bridging Technical Communication Barriers Between Cultures Unraveled

Understanding technical concepts in different languages can sometimes prove as a difficult affair, specially when you have to communicate it. In this article, I discuss what challenges are present and the possible courses of action that can be taken.
The Significance of Proper Technical Communication Making your point precise and clear is highly important when it comes to defining technical specifications. Neglecting such a precaution could be costly, and in the semiconductor industry, very costly. Being a design verification engineer for a foreign company, communicating the changes we made to further improve the evaluation results must be understood by the designers [such as directly soldering wires to board pads to reduce path resistance]. If there is a misunderstanding, then problems will occur during the next evaluation. The same goes the other way around. Another case would be board design. Imagine if the assembly group misunderstood a board specification. There is a chance that …

The World’s Greatest Engineering Movie Unraveled

This summer, a survey was held to figure out what Electronic Design readers thought was the World’s Greatest Engineering Movie. There were a lot of good competitors such as (the ones I’m familiar with) Iron Man and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Now, during the competition, a certain movie caught my attention. It seemed to be sweeping off the other competitors like cookie crumbs (sorry, ran out of metaphors). I only had the slightest idea of what the movie was (which is typical because most movies that gain popularity nowadays are the ones with the big “boom-boom” factor) and when I watched it through our local video store (yes, I’m not a pirate), I no longer wondered why it won the contest so easily.

The Winning Factors
Apollo 13, had all the right elements that make engineering such a beautiful discipline. One man’s dream and ambition, an intricate web of problems caused by a small unexpected error/failure, a retaliation of brilliant ideas of engineering ingenuity, and a little smile from t…

Automating Your Measuring Instruments Via MATLAB Unraveled

[Disclaimer: All content in the articles of this blog is based from resources available to the public and general practice. No proprietary or copyrighted content nor any kind of information revealing the protocol and procedures of any company will be disclosed. This signifies that all content in the articles of this blog are purely crafted from academic resources, online reference materials, personal experience, etc.]

When designing a circuit, there are times when you want to test the circuits behavior while varying an input or output electrical characteristic. This task can get very exhausting specially when you want to sweep over a very wide range. For example, going back to my article on using NI Multisim to determine line regulation of 2 different circuits, doing that on the test bench may take an eternity. Luckily, there are ways to automate such daunting measurements. In this article, I give a brief introduction on how to automate your measuring instruments with Agilent’s VISA a…