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Chess Bloopers

At, I play as arcanechessplayer [my very first account] or misterheartbreaker, both very long names for which I sincerely apologize. Challenge me to a match anytime when I'm online, or add me as a friend.

In this match, I [black] was up against Nick-T [white] from Greece. He made a mistake at the middle of the game and the rest was a domino effect. Surprisingly, he didn't quit so I have to credit him for his sportsmanship.

I [black] play against Ismetsah [white]. As you can see, if it wasn't for the rook and advanced pawn, I would be in big trouble. Sadly, all his passed white pawns were what cost him the game. We were both left with pawns and one rook each. He neglected my advances at the left for a time and was forced to sacrifice his rook. In the end, he resigned when he was a move away from checkmate. Those bundled pawns do seem very intimidating though.

Playing Against the President of the United States (I lost of course)

Almost just a minute into the game a…

Canon in D [Lee Galloway's version]

Of the various arrangements made with Canon in D, I find Lee Galloway's version most interesting. The melody is enticing even if it is a lot simpler compared to the original and other versions. I hope my playing and recording will suffice (no strict adherence to rhythm or dynamics - I wanted to upload this just in time for the holiday season). I'll upload a better video when I get the chance. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Favorite Pictures: Astronomy Picture of the Day

7 years ago, I got myself into a NASA website, which featured a special picture on astronomy everyday as well as a brief annotation that doesn't include any confusing jargon. Sometimes they would post breath-taking sceneries [which I love]. Below I share some of my favorites so that others may know that such a website exists [linked above]: