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7 Habits of Highly Effective Engineers

[So I conducted a survey on a few experienced engineers on what makes an engineer efficient and effective in his profession. Below is a summary of the answers I have received.]
1. Asks questions and seeks help.      An effective engineer knows how to ask questions and seek help when faced with a daunting and seemingly insurmountable problem. This is usually not the case to some because it is an act of swallowing one's pride, specially when the problem is deemed easy and a no-brainer. There is nothing wrong with seeking advice and guidance, more importantly from those who you don't expect would have an answer at all. Most of the time feasible solutions only surface when technical biases sprouting from routine and experience is cleared.

2. Always learns something new and creates something new from it.       An effective engineer is a fan of the learning process. He/she does not view study and research as a drudging task, but as a rewarding experience. Even better is when…

The International Impact of the FCCs Ruling on Net Neutrality

On February 26 [last Thursday], the Federal Communications Commission [FCC] - the governing body of telecommunications in the United States, passed a regulation on internet neutrality. As the semantics suggests, it is all about an unbiased treatment of internet traffic. For example, the amount of bandwidth available for a specific site would be the same as another site giving the same kind of content and service. It treats internet as a utility, just like electricity and water. There would be no service interruptions by the ISPs. And, there would be fewer gateway protocols controlling traffic. 
         Net neutrality is described by the person who coined it as a "network design principle". The idea that a maximally useful public information network treats all content, sites, and platforms equally. Though I don't really grasp the necessity of this definition [because of ATM maybe] but I think it deals more with the meddling of ISPs and individual internet hosts…

The Explosively-Pumped Flux Compression Generator Unraveled [Part 2]

As a  follow-up to my first EPFCG post, I have made a brief but more detailed literature about the matter. It is a little longer so I just have it as a pdf available for download  by following the link below [for educational purposes only, the credibility of the material is based fundamentally on theory]. It includes more insights on what to take note of in the principle of operation and construction of an EPFCG.


Also, it is password protected to add a little fun to it.
Perhaps this hint should suffice to give it away:

"The first that you take beside,
your second at first sight."