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Identifying a Palindrome with Linux and Python Unraveled

It all began one pleasant afternoon some few weeks ago, when our very charismatic group leader and I were engaged in animated conversation over effective scripting techniques under the Linux platform [that runs with a certain proprietary "Verilog" language based on Lisp, of which I may not be allowed to disclose] to supplement extraction of a certain simulation result of a parameter on an IC. He challenged me to write a program that would prompt the user to enter a word, and the program should distinguish whether the word entered is a palindrome or not. [By the way, a palindrome is a word that, when reversed, will spell out the same thing. Examples are "ababa", "anna", "madam", "racecar", etc.] The word to be entered must be a whole word and anything between the letters weren't allowed. So with my enormous pride on the line, I jocundly accepted.

First of, my foundation on Linux programming/scripting was flimsy at that time [I'…