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On Archaic Measuring Instruments, LDO Load Transients, Queueing problems, and Multivariate Relationships

Low drop-out linear regulators for low noise mobile electronics Consumer demand seems to dictate a need for smaller and smaller electronics, thus driving designs toward down-scaling. Power efficiency, alloted area, user life, and maximum operating conditions are just some crucial elements factored in these designs. An example is the low-drop out regulator or LDO. It is a very simple and cheap low power source for mobile devices but isn't always the choice of designers due to its inefficiency when compared with switching regulators. The advantage it has over switching regulators is that it is less noisy and less expensive. Thus, LDOs find their place in a mobile device when a source with low noise is required (such as in wireless communications, where noise becomes a pivot of system reliability).

Rectification (turning AC to DC), voltage transformation (supplying the right DC level), filtering (removing frequency components from the rectified wave), regulation (maintaining the spe…