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Honest Reviews: FAN53202 - Fairchild Semiconductor's Programmable TinyBuck Regulator

While browsing through the latest ICs released in the market by major semiconductor manufacturers, I came across this cute little buck regulator by Fairchild Semiconductor. I really don't do written reviews (because it kind of feels like I'm advertising the company's product) but I'll make this one an exception. I mean, how can I just ignore this teenie weenie monster of an IC (I'll explain why I see it as a monster later) that I just came across with.

FAN53202 or TinyBuck (mind if I call it by its family name for the rest of the article) is "a highly efficient step-down switching voltage regulator that offers best-in-class load transient and a programmable output voltage" according to FS. Now, the terms "highly efficient" and "best-in-class" are highly arbitrary marketing terms (that sometimes vexes me a lot, really, because engineers don't make comparisons on a whim without reference points). Plus, I didn't want to believe …