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Honest Reviews: FAN48610 - Fairchild Semiconductor's Not-Programmable TinyBoost Regulator

It is nice not to hear any unreferenced superlatives in the short description of Fairchild Semiconductor's TinyBoost regulator, the counterpart of their TinyBuck regulator. For completion, I review FAN48610, being even smaller than TinyBuck but with a lower output current capacity (as expected from a boost)  and no trimming feature.

FAN48610 or TinyBoost (mind if I call it by its family name for the rest of the article) is "a low-power boost regulator designed to provide a minimum voltage regulated rail from a standard single-cell Li-ion battery and advanced battery chemistries" according to FS. A boost regulator, which serves the opposite function of a buck regulator, steps up the input voltage by essentially taking advantage of the inductor's ability to resist current change. It is available in a 1.215mm by 1.215mm WLCSP package, with 0.4mm pitch (datasheet available for download by following the link below).
Download TinyBoost's DataSheet 

DataSheet Analysis Base…