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Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation

I live in a city not far from the coast. The effects of climate change in my local community are not visually evident due to the city being one of the primary nests of business enterprises and economic ventures (the heart of the region is also the capital of the country). However, if we continue to have a loose grasp on our activities that greatly affect climate, one of the many significant changes that will occur would be increase in mean annual temperatures effectuating a further proportional increase in cyclone frequency. (Climate Change Impacts in Philippines)

More cyclones exacerbate an already impoverished community

Firstly, stronger and more frequent tropical cyclones on a city would mean more suspended working days. Every suspended working day approximately cost the industry hundreds of millions to a billion dollars (for the years 2012-2014). (Monteiro & Del Rosario, 2014) This kind of economic damage is harrowing to a third world country. It not only impedes growth and d…

What are all these Nanogenerator stuff, Anyway?

Was there a time when you were introduced to the piezoelectric effect in one of your Physics classes and wondered, “If piezoelectric crystals generate voltage when subjected to vibration, can’t we harness this voltage to power our electronics?” It was a pretty interesting afterthought. What about the voltage developed from the Seebeck effect? There are a lot of naturally occurring temperature gradients in our environment such as the thermal gradient between our body, the engines we use, even our gadgets and ambient temperature. It would feel wasteful to watch all the energy from these potential sources dissipate to the empty void. Apparently, such sources would only yield power just enough for the mobile phone of an ant. But recent developments in materials science as well as improvements in power consumption of modern electronics have aroused interest anew. Thus, in 2006 the first nanogenerator emerged drawing energy through the piezoelectric and semiconductor characteristics of a …