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Simple and Effective ESD Testing Techniques for Higher Reliability

We’ve all experienced the effect of electrostatic discharge at some point in our lives, the most common case being a tingling sensation one feels after touching a door knob or any metal surface. When the body is electrically isolated from earth, like with a pair of rubber sandals, a few foot slides can make it charged. This charge is maintained until the body comes in contact or in close proximity with a conductor that serves as a discharge path. If the body would feel a jolt, the electromotive potential induced is in the order of 4 kV. 4 kilovolts sure sounds like a scary figure but the body’s resistance is fortunately within the Mohm range. Thus, the effective power isn’t enough to cause any internal injury. I remember trying to measure my body’s resistance waaaaay back when I was in college, during a laboratory class. I was goofing around, wondering what the multimeter would read when I placed the terminals in between the palms of my hands, and I indeed got unstable readings in th…