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Danish Gambit

Playing one of my 2 most favorite gambits for white, the Danish gambit [the other being Queen's gambit]. What I like about it so much is that I gain a good bishop pair early in the game, in exchange for 2 pawns. After castling and a few more developing moves, I get connected rooks AND an open b, c, and d file. Won the game after sacrificing a knight.

Below is a sample game of Queen's gambit accepted. I should've lost the game if it were untimed.

Beautiful Scenery and Relaxing Music Montage [APOD] [Collection]

Our planet, our Earth is a truly magnificent and breath-taking creation. Its beauty never fails to enthrall, which is why I'd like to share a personal choice of scenery that have inspired me and made me feel more grateful for the wonderful world we live in. [and I hope it has the same effect to you to]. 

Most of the scenery is from APOD [no infringement of rights intended] so all credit goes to them and the photographers [I've cut the scenes as well so as not to display the entire picture, though they still do manage to flaunt the grandeur of our planet].