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Depletion Capacitance (Strange Char. Equations)

Current Mirror: Design, Layout and Simulation

An Appetizer
The Main Course

Common Difficulties and Mishaps in 6.004 Computation Structures (by MITx)

June 2, 2017
VLSI Project: The Beta Layout [help needed]Current Tasks: ►Finish the basic first. [paused] 32-bit Beta layout [unpipelined] in a 3-metal-layer C5 process. ►Program an Excel VBA macro to complement simulation.
Current Obstacles/Unresolved Decisions:
►Use of complementary CMOS or pass transistor logic (do both? time expensive, will depend on sched.
►Adder selection: Brent-Kung; Kogge Stone; Ladner Fischer (brent takes up most space but seems to be fastest, consider fan-out) [do all? time expensive, will depend on sched.)
►layout requirements and DRC errors

Please leave a comment on the post below for advise. Any help is highly appreciated.

4duino and 3D printers at the IoT Summit 2017 Phils.

In the Philippines’ second IoT Summit themed “Powering a smart and connected Philippines”, more than 30 exhibitors gathered to display a variety of technologies that contribute to the dynamic development and spreading popularity of IoT. From RFID to augmented reality applications, one can’t help but be amazed at how IoT’s encompassing influence spurs innovation from all sectors of society. Below are some technologies worth noting from the summit.

What comes to mind when one encounters the term “4D”? Could it refer to the 4th dimension, time? In the jargon of IoT, it has another meaning. 4D Systems, involved in intelligent graphics solutions for a myriad of applications, developed the 4duino, an Arduino compatible TFT LCD display module (resistive touch) with Wi-Fi. 

Figure 1. The 4duino, an Arduino equipped with an LCD interface and Wi-Fi

As with any conveniently priced commercial programmable controller, the 4duino has sparked the imagination of makers, birthing the 4D Maker movement…