New Group - Technology Development Department

On July 1 last month, the semiconductor subsidiary I work for implemented sweeping changes to better address the essential needs of its overseas customers. That meant some of my colleagues and I were re-assigned to new departments. Me and my boss were placed under the Technology Development Department (I was overflowing with tears, pleading to have the same boss in my new department and the administration eventually gave in to my request Mwahahaha... ). It was heart-breaking to part from my old group as we had developed an unbreakable bond through the years of troubleshooting and analyzing operational amplifiers, voltage detectors, DC-DC converters, and power management ICs. But change is necessary in all facets of life, as it opens the door to opportunity and much needed improvement. 

The primary reason behind why I was transferred to Technology Development is due to me being an exclusive engineer under the Advanced Power Management Group responsible for complex IC development tasks in the pre-silicon design stage (which also includes verification tasks after tape-out - a field I've become an expert in during my formative years with the company). I became acquainted with my new colleagues who are field application engineers and thermal transient specialists. We already new each other well, but to further our kinship, we had dinner at an 'All-you-can-devour' restaurant with our new manager ('devour' because people would at times get buckets of food from the buffet line).

There was certainly a lot to talk about, and some topics were substantial to the current predicament of Philippine electronics engineers. Most working in the semiconductor industry do not need to renew their license, unless there is some form of standardization involved. Hence, most no longer renew their license due to the additional fees that accompany it and the imperceptible bearing it has compared to the years of experience one has gained in the industry. By and large, getting licensed is important to prove a fresh graduate's competence and to check whether practicing professionals are adhering to some set of standards defined by a governing body. Personally,  I would love to renew my license - it's a government issued I.D. after all and it re-affirms my position as a productive member Philippine society. My colleagues were pondering over the idea too. A certain number of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points is required for renewal (points which are difficult to earn with the industry's taxing schedule). Fortunately, there's an abundance of online courses in the internet, and my currently on-going online Master's program with WordQuant could prove useful  too.

"That's a lot of sushi you got there!" my contemporary exclaimed as he eyed my dish filled with all sorts of sushi variations a Japanese chef can have in his repertoire. Sushi isn't exactly my favorite dish, but the restaurant is the only place I can get a chance to gobble on such an exotic delicacy, so I made the best out of the opportune moment. Each bite had a unique impression on my palate, there was some piquant fish meat followed by a dash of sweet cream, then a knob of some hot, spicy wasabi! The melding of these flavors had satiated my appetite before we could even have any dessert.

5G is a nascent RF communications technology that has been making waves on the news, surging in popularity due to the US-China trade war. Some radical thinkers sparked fears over 5G, claiming it would adversely affect people due to the high frequencies it operates on (a claim I've debunked in a previous article here: The higher the frequency, the faster it loses energy as it travels through a medium. So one would have to stand relatively close to a 5G transmitter while it's operating for any negative physiological effects to occur. 

We came to the topic of 5G because this enabling technology has reportedly been deployed in a nearby city. Two (2) of our telecommunications giants (Globe and Smart) have adopted 5G and are beginning to roll out 5G networks. With this new technology, mobile TV/Video conferencing will be much faster and available at higher screen resolutions. It's something that can potentially improve communication at our workplace.

I barely had space in my gluttonous tummy for the grand finale (some diabetes-inducing substance)s, but I managed to cram a few pastries and slices of cupcakes in there (some of which uncannily tasted like a day old - hmmm...). A rigorous diet for the next couple of days is a must then, I thought as I munched down on my guilty pleasures. After a few rounds of informal conversation, my boss picked up the tab and we went our separate ways. It was a pleasant evening overall, and I have plenty of memorable experiences to look forward to with my newfound family at work!