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When previous artist on display Melinda Kabel began clearing out her paintings, the display rack was found bare and wanting of something to fill its place. Clarke Area Arts Council member and founder Mary Ellen Kimball reached out to Anita Foland to see if she’d be willing to display her photos, and hours before the annual Osceola Chamber-Main Street/Clarke County Development Corporation dinner Jan. 10, Foland’s pictures were put up for all to see.

Describing her photography as “strictly a hobby,” Foland takes photographs of all types of subject matter, but is particularly drawn towards wildlife - deer, birds, bees, butterflies - and country scenes. After her retirement as the Clarke County Conservation Director in 2013, Foland had more time to pursue photography than before, and now if she has the opportunity to take a picture of something, she does. Stores Racks

Foland on display at Lakeside Casino – Osceola-Sentinel Tribune

“I usually always have the camera laying beside me,” Foland said. “If I ever get in a car wreck, it’s because I stopped to take a picture…I see something and go around, go back to get a picture.”

Living on an acreage southeast of Osceola close to Turkey Ridge Wildlife Area, Foland has no shortage of wildlife pass her house. She said she can take pictures of the deer who wander by her front porch, and an abundance of birds. The pictures at Lakeside display those wildlife, as well as flowers and winter scenes.

Prior to the display at the casino, several of Foland’s pictures could be seen at the Osceola Public Library.

Foland’s favorite picture that she has taken is one of a barn, currently on display. Taken about five years ago north of Ames, Foland knew she had to get a picture of it when she saw it.

“[I] saw this old barn that was really fascinating,” said Foland, who was on her way to Storm Lake with her mother and aunt to photograph the trumpeter swans. She said the picture of the barn is the singular one on display at the casino that is not for sale.

When it comes to traveling for pictures, Foland would like to get back to Yellowstone National Park, and someday visit Yosemite National Park. She tries to make it out to central Nebraska in the spring when the sandhill cranes are going through, and is still waiting for that one, really good shot of a crane.

For equipment, Foland uses a Nikon D5100 with a telephoto 300mm lens as needed. She does not photoshop or enhance her photos, save cropping to pull in closer to the subject matter. While she has not had any formal training, Foland is open to the idea of doing so in the future.

“I’m very much an amateur, but I [do] have some nice subject matters,” said Foland.

Foland’s photos will be on display through the end of February at Lakeside, inside the events center entrance. A reception for Foland is planned for Thursday, Feb. 9 from 4:30 to 7 p.m. A drawing will be held for those in attendance for a chance to win one of Foland’s works.

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Foland on display at Lakeside Casino – Osceola-Sentinel Tribune

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