Tribeca Citizen | 2022 Shop-Local Gift Guide: Kids!

2022-11-27 12:41:31 By : Mr. JACK XUAN

The neighborhood has the best shopping in town for the little ones: threads from France, toys from Denmark, scooters from Switzerland and some only-in-New-York items.

BALOON SALLOON 133 W. Broadway at Duane Tribecan Sharon Hershkowitz and her daughter Tiffany are four decades into the balloon design and delivery service, and have the wackiest toy selection in town. ••• Epic Army Man is the sequel to “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” $25 ••• For your friends who decamped during covid, a wind-up pigeon. $10 Custom Polo Shirt

Tribeca Citizen |   2022 Shop-Local Gift Guide: Kids!

BABESTA 56 Warren | West Broadway and Church Tribecan Jenn Cattaui curates everything cool and indie for baby — toys, clothing and especially gear. ••• For your little rocker. The electric pro comes with a built-in amp and speaker. Mini acoustic, $89. Electric, $179-200. ••• A snuggly for the train obsessed, $45 ••• And if you want to really blow them away at the holidays, a ride-on fire engine. $379

BOOMERANG TOYS 119 W. Broadway | Duane & Thomas BPC resident Karen Barwick brought specialty and classic toys to Downtown two decades ago and is the neighborhood’s #1 scooter supplier. ••• So your kid can sneak up on the cousins, the Ultra Bionic Blaster that shoots from the wrist. $44 ••• I spent so many years on my hands and knees playing with trains that I am still drawn to them. These are new from the MTA: a self-contained set with its own track ($42) or a wooden set that works with Thomas and BRIO tracks ($38). ••• We are all Bananagrams, all the time, and this is how you raise them that way. My First Bananagrams comes with some letters already connected for a head start. $20

KOH’S KIDS 311 Greenwich | Reade and Chambers For the finest threads for baby and kids, with brands such as Stella McCartney, Little Marc Jacobs, Scotch & Soda and Petit Bateau. ••• For the kid who pretends to be an animal anyway, do it with fashion. From Stella McCartney. $145 for the sweater and $110 for the leggings. ••• She will love it, and you will know it will fit. Festive headbands, $15-35.

EVERAFTER 349 Greenwich | Harrison and Jay Intermix founders Haro Keledjian and Sari Sloane created Everafter as a way to find cool clothes for their own kids. ••• Thank you, Stranger Things, for bringing back the Moon Boot. $220 ••• Every kid loves a beanie, and there’s a ton of them. $30 to $295 for the Montcler and the label-obsessed.

MY LITTLE SUNSHINE 145 Hudson at Hubert The kids’ store (and hair salon!) has classic but modern threads and even more classic toys. ••• For the parent who loves Game of Thrones, Rose, the Jellycat pink dragon. She is so soft. $62 ••• Kids hate scarves sweaters; this one from Oeuf solves most of their complaints. $60 ••• I want one of these in my size: the Mini Auture snow suit, $208

PLAYING MANTIS 32 N. Moore | Varick and Hudson Imelda McCain’s store carries handmade toys made with natural materials from around the world — and you won’t see them anywhere else. ••• The big castle set, with trap doors for releasing the dragon. $722 ••• More GOT toys for kids. These shields are new to the store, from Germany. $26 ••• The littlest ones can be tough to shop for, but these stackers would do the trick. $58

TWO KIDS AND A DOG 275 Greenwich | Warren & Murray The newcomer from Brooklyn is chock-a-block with toys for all ages. ••• The Lund Skittles water bottle will scratch your design itch. $35 ••• To work out some frustrations over the holidays (theirs, not yours). Kapow punching bag and gloves. $50

LIVLY 108 Reade | W. Broadway and Church The Swedish clothing line was founded in 2011 to supply the softest baby clothes to newborns. ••• A classic that Grandma will just love love love. The Fanny dress, $90 ••• To go with his little Air Force 1s: the cotton knit track suit. $60 for the sweater and $44 for the leggings.

JACADI 106 Reade | W. Broadway and Church Timelessly elegant and trendy from Paris since 1976. ••• An unusually tasteful holiday sweater. $185 because it’s cashmere. ••• Dress them up while they still let you. Party dress in two color ways, $139

THE LITTLE 393 Greenwich | Beach & N. Moore This is the second outlet for The Little, whose first shop for baby and kids apparel is in East Hampton. ••• This place is pajama central, and these from Petit Plume are for the whole fam, even the pup. Ranging from $49 for kids and $95 for adults. ••• So they know their roots: the Lingua Franca cashmere crew, hand stitched in NYC. $175

BABY COTTONS 123 West Broadway at Duane ••• The name says it all, and there are special issues for the holidays. With feet! $52

A SHOUT-OUT TO KINGS… For and expansive Matchbox car collection. Certified by my 18-year-old nephew, and he knows.

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Tribeca Citizen |   2022 Shop-Local Gift Guide: Kids!

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