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2022-05-19 07:41:23 By : Ms. Penny Su

Potential Twitter investor doesn't have a settled home life

E lon Musk, who is worth an estimated 219 billion dollars, which has ranked him as the wealthiest man in the world on the Forbes 2022 List, has made an unbelievable revelation by stating that he doesn't actually have a home to live in.

The Tesla and Space X owner's admission was made to Chris Anderson, head of the TED conference organisation. Musk confessed that he does not currently own a property and that he even sleeps in spare rooms lent to him by friends, sometimes on couches.

The 50-year-old explained in the interview that he has no house, no luxury yachts and that he doesn't take holidays either, although he owns a jet, because he has to travel a lot due to his work.

The billionaire's stunning revelations came in response to Anderson's comments about what billionaires do when they are exorbitantly wealthy.

"If I travel to the Bay Area, which is where most of Tesla's engineering is, I basically rotate between my friends' spare bedrooms," Musk said.

"It would certainly be very problematic if I were spending billions of dollars a year on personal consumption, but that's not the case."

"I don't have a high personal consumption. I mean, the only exception is the jet, but if I don't use the jet I have fewer hours to work," the Tesla owner added.

Previously, the thriftiness of the world's richest man had already been talked about, because in 2020, after revealing on social media that he would sell all his properties, the tycoon went to live in a tiny pre-fabricated home with a value of no more than 50,000 dollars.

In a recent interview, his ex-partner, Grimes, said that the entrepreneur is so frugal that once when he noticed that one of the mattresses where they slept was broken, he said he would swap it for one he had in another house rather than buy a new one.

Working long hours every day on passion projects is what the billionaire enjoys most.

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