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2022-08-08 10:05:04 By : Ms. Helen Liu

Affordable Housing Solutions Are Top of the List for Williams

Kelly Williams, Impact Housing (Photo: Business Wire)

Kelly Williams, Impact Housing (Photo: Business Wire)

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE )--Kelly Williams has joined Impact Housing, a manufacturer of homes built with modular construction technology, as director of business development. Williams, who is a past president of the Modular Building Institute (MBI), brings more than 20 years of modular construction industry experience to Impact Housing.

Williams has worked for some of the most recognized residential modular construction companies in the industry, including VESTA Modular, Champion Homes, and Clayton Homes, where he served as general manager of Clayton Building Solutions. Williams’ experience includes both multifamily and single-family aspects of the modular construction market.

Williams will work directly with builders and developers to advance modular housing projects. “Our immediate goal,” says Williams, “is to address the country’s housing shortage by bringing more options to the affordable housing market. That includes single-family homes and build-to-rent homes.” Williams continues, “Disaster relief is also a major focus. With the speed and efficiency of the modular construction process, modular homes are an excellent permanent housing solution for replacement of homes lost to storms and other disasters.”

The market share for the modular construction industry has doubled in the past five years. Williams adds, “More and more builders and developers are embracing modular construction. There have been a lot of advancements within the industry. When you combine that with a lack of skilled labor available for site-built construction, it’s easy to understand why it has become a popular solution.”

According to Williams, “Another advantage of modular construction is that we build in volume. Because we have national contracts with suppliers, we are less subject to challenges related to material shortages.” Williams notes that modular construction uses the same materials used on traditional residential construction sites, “We follow the same building codes and build to the same quality standards. You really can’t tell the difference between a modular home and a site-built home once it’s completed.”

Modular construction has long been embraced for commercial construction projects, streamlining jobsite schedules and the construction process. Williams says these advantages are recognized in residential construction as well, “More and more builders, developers and architects are showing up at industry association meetings and learning how modular construction can be a solution for residential construction. Architects have quickly realized the benefits of modular construction and are bringing other customers to the table.”

Williams is currently the chairman of the MBI Educational Foundation. He is a past board member and chairman of the Families First Advisory Council, which is the welfare-to-work initiative for the state of Tennessee.

Williams holds a bachelor’s degree in management from the University of Tennessee. He and his wife, Ronni are residents of Knoxville.

Atlanta-based Impact Housing is committed to designing, producing, and delivering high-quality, modern, modular housing solutions in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We offer builders, developers and building authorities an affordable construction method to address the current U.S. housing shortage. Our goal is to expand the modular manufacturing capabilities and capacity of Impact Housing to reach optimum production and efficiency levels, providing disruptive options for the residential construction industry.

Steven Zirkle

Steven Zirkle