PG Mayor touts new daycares, supportive housing units at UBCM Convention - My Prince George Now

2022-09-17 05:11:11 By : Ms. Wang Jing

Child care spaces and supportive housing were the two topics of conversation for PG Mayor Lyn Hall at the Union of BC Municipalities Convention.

On Tuesday, Hall hosted a trio of meetings with Education Minister Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Housing Murray Rankin as well as Minister of State for childcare Katrina Chen.

In an interview with, Hall stated the recently built modular homes along 1st Avenue have been a welcomed addition.

“We were very pleased to see the 50 supportive housing units built on 1st Avenue. The last I heard there were about 45 residents living in that particular location and when we talk about this integrated health model, for us, it provides health care services for those in need of it the most.”

“The new modular building with the 50 new spaces is really an opportunity for us to sit face to face with the ministers and have that conversation today and where we are with this and other projects along with what their timelines are.”

Construction on the units began in September 2021.

This is part of the collaboration between BC Housing, the City of Prince George, Northern Health, Indigenous housing organizations, non-profit housing operators, and other partners to create 162 new supportive homes:

He adds the Integrated Health Model facility at the old NR Motors building on 1st Avenue is expected to begin construction next year.

Hall admits the process of getting that project done has been slower than anticipated.

“I have a very good feeling that we are going to see construction start next year and as I said, I hope we have a message to send to the public sometime next week.”

Hall also touted the three new daycares located downtown, College Heights, and in the Hart adding 280 new spaces for young families.

The mayor admitted the city was challenged in not having enough daycare spaces.

Oftentimes, Hall would hear of scenarios where both parents who were working would need assistance with childcare as the kids would not be of school age.

“And I think what we are seeing with these three locations is really a strong, strong commitment to having a transitional period so children can go into the daycare space and then transition into kindergarten or pre-school.”

“I think with the three locations we are up around 280 spaces. They all stand out to me and they are all located in great areas downtown, up in the College Heights, Malaspina area, and then, of course, up in the Hart where the Prince George Native Friendship Centre will be operating the daycare there.”

In addition, the City of Prince George was given an honourable mention at the UBCM Community Excellence awards in the Sustainability category for its Integrated Storm Water Management Plan.

The City of Kamloops claimed the award for its Kamloops Makes Big Move Investments in Climate Action.