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2022-08-08 10:03:28 By : Mr. Andy Ouyang

Perfect for glamping or growing

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The Seattle-based e-commerce company Amazon is often making headlines, from their controversial competition for a new headquarters to their upcoming annual sale, Prime Day. In a world of fast delivery and endless choice, it seems that Amazon sells almost everything—including this geodesic dome garden house.

In the past, the internet went wild when they discovered a shipping container house and a $7,000 tiny house available on Amazon. The latest find—the Garden Dome Igloo—is a 12-foot dome made from non-corrosive, recyclable PVC and PA6 materials.

The structure is inspired by architect and engineer Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes. Part kit-house and all retro, the domes flourished with the counterculture and “return to the land” movement of the 1960s and 1970s. The interlocking triangles have been making a comeback lately, both as off-the-grid vacation homes and as popular fodder for social media sites like Instagram.

Now, the phenomenon has made it to Amazon with a 107-inch base and a max height of 7 feet 2 inches, making it big enough for most people to stand upright. According to the Garden Dome Igloo’s description, the design maximizes airflow to keep a uniform temperature throughout and can handle up to 90 pounds of snow and winds up to 31 miles per hour.

It also works especially well in the winter, requiring roughly 40 percent less heating than a standard greenhouse because its surface is always at a right angle to the sun’s rays.

The Garden Dome Igloo costs $1,199 with free shipping. Several positive reviews praise the dome structure, although one review complained that the igloo was wrinkled. The Garden Igloo description does say that it will take three weeks for the wrinkles to fade.

Whether you use the dome as a backyard getaway, kids play dome, or greenhouse, it’s sure to add a bit of architectural glam to your space. Interested? Check out the Garden Dome Igloo—and a few other products—below.

This garden dome kit measures 12 feet in diameter and works well even in snow and moderate winds. Perfect as a greenhouse, backyard lounge in the winter, or sophisticated glamping tent.

Love the idea of a geodesic dome but don’t want to shell out big bucks for a kit? This well-reviewed set contains everything you need except for the sticks and lets you choose whatever size works best for you. The kit includes 26 hubs, 150 ball connectors, instructions, and all the screws and metal work required.

This dome’s galvanized steel frame helps it to withstand high winds, and the framework can be assembled in a few hours.